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Neurology ST4 Interview Resources

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The OptimiseNeuro Interview course will be on Saturday 17th February 2024.

We cover everything you need to know to ace your virtual interview and our Neurology SpRs put you through your paces with a full mock interview

And we’ve upgraded the package for 2024- now it’s so much more than just a Course (for the same price!)

  • Build your foundation with the Knowledge Updates (learn the essential facts and figures for Interview).
  • Then hear from top ranking predecessors in the Tips and Tricks section.
  • Finally work through our Mock Station Answer/Feedback videos and Vignettes to test yourself before your own full Mock Circuit with a Registrar on the 10th.

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Check out this example Neuro Presentation- . What would you score it? Sign up today to watch the Feedback video to this and all the other Mock stations online now.

Neurology Competition Ratios and Shortlist Cut-off

We have compiled these figures using data directly from the PHST recruitment website.
The table shows how the applicant number for your Speciality has changed over the last 8 years and crucially an idea of your competition ratio.
The graph shows the shortlist score distribution for all applying in Rd 1 last year.
We have also tried to work out an approximate shortlist score cut-off based on the number of people who had an interview.
These numbers are derived from estimates and should just be a guide.


Happy students!

Hear from last year’s interview course batch! We look forward to working with you.

Just to let you know I got full marks in my interview and ranked third nationally.

[…] is my top choice and […] so I’ll get a number there.

I wanted to thank you both again for the interview course […]. It made a huge difference and I greatly appreciate it

2021 Course Attendee

Many thanks for the comprehensive interview course and has gone a long way in helping me secure a NTN. It is much appreciated

2021 Course Attendee

I am pleased to share with you that I have been successful in securing an NTN in South East Midlands , which was my first preference region.

I must say that the interview mock course you guys organised was very helpful for preparation and better understanding of the structure of the interview.

2021 Course Attendee

You guys are doing a fantastic job in polishing interview skills and giving the framework of how to answer each section, I would definitely recommend this interview course to my colleagues and it is worth every penny. Keep up the impressive work.

Optimise Cardio 22

I am so incredibly thankful for all the invaluable help. I didn’t get a London job last year and after applying the tips you guys told us, especially for the clinical station I got full marks across all stations and ranked 2nd in the country! Coming to NW Thames!

Optimise Cardio 21

I am extremely thankful to all of you for the guidance on approach to ST4 interviews.
I am happy to let you know I managed to secure both renal and rheumatology number and I have opted for Rheumatology:)

Thank you so much again.

Optimise Rheum and Renal 22